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URGENT: Can You Help?




Hey Scriptaroos. Here’s the sitch. 

The lovely Jordan of ScriptServiceDogs is having a bad month. First her blog disappears – Tumblr still hasn’t gotten it back online – but more importantly, this floof right here? 


He’s in deep medical trouble. 

He and his co-service-dog Mal got into a bottle of tasty-flavored anti-inflammatory medicine. 

In overdose, it causes ulcers, GI bleeding, and kidney failure.  

The vet bill for Bucky and Mal is going to come to $5,000… $5K that Jordan doesn’t have. 

Bucky isn’t just a pet. He’s a service dog. He helps Jordan move through her daily life, in addition to being a best friend and a total goof. He helps her function, in addition to being the absolute cutest:


He’s sweet. He’s friendly. He’s gorgeous

And he’s in serious trouble. 


That bill is just for Bucky (Mal’s is higher), and that’s just for one night

Can you help? 


Click Here to donate to the YouCaring for Bucky and Mal. 

All my Patreon proceeds from May and June are going to Bucky and Mal, but if you can give anything – even a single dollar – I’ll be forever in your debt.

Some extremely generous soul has already contributed $3,000, which means we’re SO CLOSE to getting Bucky and Mal the care they!

One last thing…

Likes Don’t Help. 

Donations help, and reblogs help. 

But please don’t just click Like and scroll past. Even you can’t donate, please share

Let’s get Bucky and Mal the care they need. 

Thank you from the bottom of my Scripty heart.

xoxo, Aunt Scripty

Update: you guys are FREAKING ROCK STARS. In under 8 hours we’ve raised almost $1,000 and hit reblog almost 500 times. Thank you so, so much for getting Mal, Bucky and Jordan closer to their goal!

You guys astound me, and I love you all.

Donated, Boosting, Sending positive vibes! <3

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