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September 16 2017

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GEORGES HOBEIKA Spring/Summer RTW 2017

September 13 2017




Martin Freeman pushing his suit jacket back to put his hands on his hips reblog if you agree

in case you needed some visuals………..

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September 12 2017



choose people who choose you.

September 10 2017





my mom told me that if i dont stop taking the hormones i have to find another place to live

hey im not asking for money (yet) but if u all could please pass this around to see if anyone knows anyone or anything that could help me in this situation, i live in the NYC area 

im a genderqueer muslim plz help me 

September 03 2017

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Severus Snape, Professor of Violin at Hogwarts School of Music

More under the cut:

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September 02 2017

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The Studio Boat, 1876, Claude Monet



Being abused made me such a “good kid.”

I was

  • Always polite
  • Never acted without permission
  • Never spoke out of turn
  • Always did what I was told

And it’s shitty that I was considered mature and praised for those things, and all of those characteristics have translated into me being an immature, “bad adult.”

Now I

  • Have difficulty making a keeping friends
  • Can’t act without permission/am dependent on others for direction
  • Am terrible at communicating
  • Have no agency/personal compass

It’s a really difficult thing for people who were abused as children to grapple with.
What made us good children make us bad adults.

August 15 2017








One time I used my retail voice on a coworker and she was like, “Don’t use your customer voice on me, I know you’re dead inside like the rest of us, it’s just frightening and weird”

The other day I asked for a table for two in my customer voice and the waitress squinted at me and I cleared my throat and said “Sorry, still in service mode” and she dropped hers and we swapped stories about our day and my boyfriend was like “You two just became two entirely different people in like .5 seconds…”

I can be bitching up a blue streak about a customer-from-hell while the store is empty, and when the phone rings swap over to my retail voice practically in mid-sentence. I even have managers and salespeople from other stores in the chain fooled into thinking I’m infinitely friendly and helpful, and my manager’s husband thinks I’m one of the most professional people in the store. One assistant manager’s daughter dubbed me Perky-Pants because she mostly dealt with me over the phone, and was shocked to the core when I dropped an F-bomb at her graduation picnic.

The acting required in the service industry is beyond the pale. My cousin freaked out when she came to see me at work because I was all smiling and nice while helping someone who was asking inane questions and who basically forced me to walk them to the product and put it in their fucking hand but I was nice as pie until I turned around to walk away and my demeanor changed back to normal and I muttered “what a fucking moron” under my breath as I got back to my cousin. She just looked at me shocked and said “no wonder you’re so exhausted when you get home.” 

this is actually referred to as emotional labor in criminology, and is considered one of the hardest forms of labor

The art of bullshit is strong in the service industry 

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art by of Larissa Rivero!


Oh! How lovely!

And with a link to their Tumblr!  larissarivero


Click here to support Natalie Romero medical fund organized by Ericka Chaves



America is a barbaric shithole, where one of the people whose skulls were cracked thanks to nazis and their lawyer friends at the ACLU now has to pay a bunch of medical bills.

This is Natalie Romero’s medical fund.

Natalie was hit by the guy that killed heather hyers, has no health insurance, and has about 10k left to go to reach her goal.

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What a week.

August 14 2017

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Gaming chat service Discord shutters alt-right server in the wake of Charlottesville protests

  • In the wake of white-nationalist-led demonstrations in Charlottesville, Virginia, over the weekend, the chat service Discord, billed as a “Skype for gamers,” has shut down the server associated with AltRight.com.
  • AltRight.com is a prominent news site for the so-called “alt-right,” where white nationalist Richard Spencer is listed as one of its editors.
  • The Discord server linked to the AltRight website, where the site’s readers could chat with each other, violated Discord’s terms of service, which “explicitly forbid[s] harassment, threatening messages or calls to violence,” according to a statement Discord’s chief marketing officer, Eros Resmini, emailed to Mic. Read more (8/14/17 5 PM)

follow @the-future-now

August 13 2017


Stand in Solidarity with Charlottesville



For those who want to find protests and solidarity vigils in your own area, click this link and enter your area code. The site will find whatever’s been organized near you.

Spread this, my Kith. More people need to put feet on the streets, and make themselves MORE visible to the Powers than the nazi asslickers that started this shit, and the nazi asslickers who are turning a blind eye while they carry it on.

Stand up. Stand out. 

Be one of the ones who actually DOES something about it.Spread the word. Do it now.

It’s hard to do anything more from here, but if the Powers don’t start seeing people IN THE STREETS telling them, in no uncertain terms that this shit WILL NOT STAND, then they will have no reason to act in order to stop it.Who’s with me?

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bitch ass nazis

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PS. If you are feeling helpless and sad about America today, I recommend Sara Benincasa’s thread on Charlottesville-area nonprofits to donate to. The only way to combat hopelessness is by taking a small action to make your community and world what you think they should be. 

I’m about to donate to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

You should, too.

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New study projects a stunning drop in 2018 millennial voter turnout in battleground states

  • The 2016 presidential election — and its outcome — may have given plenty of Americans a new sense of urgency when it comes to civics.
  • But a new study projects that 40 million Americans who voted last year will likely not show up at the polls for the 2018 midterms.
  • And that two-thirds of those “drop-off” voters will be millennials, unmarried women and people of color.
  • The report, just out from the Voter Participation Center and Lake Research Partners, “Comparing the Voting Electorate in 2012-2016 and Predicting 2018 Drop-off,” notes that many of those expected not to cast a ballot next year live in key battleground states like Arizona, Nevada, Florida and Ohio. Read more (7/21/17)




Just look at the difference young people getting out and voting made in the UK general election this year…young voters CAN make a POSITIVE DIFFERENCE by getting out and voting 

And I know this isn’t a presidential election but it is in some ways EVEN MORE IMPORTANT

Because the president can’t do anything without congress and the senate on his side…but likewise, if the Republicans get a majority it means it will be easier for that disgusting sack of stinking dog-vomit Donald Trump and his party of traitors and criminals to push through the DISGUSTING things they want to try and inflict on the country and its people

Get out and vote democrat next year and keep the Republicans from getting a blank check to try and push through their bigoted, evil bullshit

I’m pretty sure the biggest barrier to young people voting isn’t not caring, it’s not knowing.

Am I registered? Shit, who knows? I’ve moved five times in the last four years. I think I registered, but that was a year ago, did I change districts since then? Where even are the polling places in this town? What are their hours? I know I submitted a registration, but did they get it? I didn’t get a confirmation. Did they lose my form? Am I even eligible? Who knows? Oh well, I’m sure I can always register in the days leading up to the – whoops, there’s a deadline and it’s already gone by.

This is one of those civic skills that you would really think would be taught in high school, and – surprise! – it isn’t.

So here’s how to check which district you’re in and who your rep is.

Here’s how to find out if you’re registered.

Here are the deadlines for when to register.

Here’s how to register, if it turns out you’re not.

Here’s how to find local polling places.

Of course, all of this – in the way of Tumblr, and the internet more generally – will be lost to the vagaries of cyberspace by the time November rolls around. So hey: tag it with “voting reference” and you’ll always be able to find it again.

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In light of what happened recently in Charlottesville, here are ways you can help courtesy of Sara Benincasa on Twitter. Donate to local non-profits, signal boost, and show your support for the Black Student Alliance at University of Virginia. If you have spare money, support the Black Student Alliance or the counter protestor legal fund.

August 11 2017

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